COVID-19 Safety Practices

Aurora borealis (or Northern Lights) reflecting in an unnamed pond along Alaska's Denali Highway. © Michael DeYoung


For our tours to run, the clients, Michael DeYoung, and Lauri DeYoung must agree with the following:

Active Photo Tours (DeYoung Photo Workshops, LLC) photo tours will follow all current CDC guidelines as well as all State of Alaska and local COVID-19 travel mandates at the time of the tour. (The latest mandates for the State of Alaska can be found at Alaska Travel COVID Guidelines)

We provide ground transportation to our local locations via an extra-large, high-top, 15-passenger van, or other suitable vehicle appropriate for the group size. With COVID still a factor, clients have two options:


  1. Guests may transport themselves (following us in our vehicle) to tour locations in their own rented vehicle in order to minimize everyone potentially being within six feet of each other for sustained lengths of time. Driving in Alaska is no different than anywhere else in the USA. We will not be on any bad roads. We will have 2-way radios in the vehicles so each client can talk to us if necessary. Each customer will be responsible for renting their own vehicle in their name with their credit card.
  2. For those who wish to NOT rent their own vehicle, they may travel in the Active Photo Tours (DeYoung Photo Workshops, LLC) vehicle, wearing face masks, using hand-sanitizer, and distancing from non-family members as much as possible.

No drinks or snacks will be provided. Guests will be required to bring their own.

The surfaces of Active Photo Tours (DeYoung Photo Workshops, LLC) vehicle and equipment that come in contact with guests and guides will be cleaned and disinfected in accordance with CDC guidelines.


Our Precautions

We have been fully vaccinated and received two booster shots.

We will take a COVID home-test within 24 hours prior to the tour gathering to ensure being negative prior to tour start

No guests who are symptomatic will be allowed to participate in the tour; no refund will be provided under these circumstances. Your tour price will roll over to the next year.

Michael and Lauri will wear face masks (where appropriate and necessary) during the tour.

Michael and Lauri will maintain a minimum of six feet distance (minus the few moments we may need to assist you with a technical camera issue) from guests during the tour and will use a face mask when that is not possible.

All guests will be required to bring their own face mask(s) and wear it at each location during the tour when six feet distancing is not possible.


Each Photo Tour Guest Responsibilities

Agree to abide by all the mandates listed in Active Photo Tours (DeYoung Photo Workshops, LLC)’s COVID-19 safety plan listed above.

Complete a rapid home COVID test within 24 hours before our tour meets on the first day. Provide that negative test to Active Photo Tours (DeYoung Photo Workshops, LLC) via e-mail BEFORE our first gathering.

Abide by the then current state of Alaska mandates found at

Abide by all precautions and mandates made by all vendors during the tour including restaurants, lodges, air taxi, water taxi, etc.

If any client has a positive COVID test, they will not be allowed to continue the tour. No refunds we will be given, unless a refund from the vendor (lodge, hotel, air-taxi, etc.) has given one. Each case will be evaluated separately.

Active Photo Tours (DeYoung Photo Workshops, LLC) strongly encourages all guests to be fully COVID-19 vaccinated prior to their tour date.

We thank you for your patience and understanding as well as your continued support. Stay safe and we look forward to working with you when you are ready to experience some amazing photography based adventures and learning.


DeYoung Photo Workshops, LLC