Photo Industry Affiliates

Take advantage of any of the following specials from leading businesses in the photography industry offered to any of our photo tours participants or students from one of our private instruction classes or custom tours.

Hyperlite Mountain Gear Ultralight Camera Case called the Pod

We proudly use Hyperlite Mountain Gear’s packs, tents, and camera pack (called the pod) and highly recommend them for their light weight, durability, and waterproof qualities. They protect your gear and help you stay light and mobile in the field.

Get a 15% off any order (one time per person) at Hyperlite Mountain Gear

Breakthrough Photography designs, manufactures and sells the worlds sharpest and most color neutral ND, UV and CPL filters

We proudly use Breakthrough Photography filters and highly recommend them for their quality and performance. The lightest and brightest filters on the market.

Start shopping at Breakthrough Photography Filters

Cradoc fotoSoftware Affiliate link to store

fotoQuote and fotoBiz are two great pieces of software Cradoc Software to use for your photography business. Create professional looking stock quotes, stock invoices (with thumbnail feature to include a visual on your invoice), and manage license expiration dates as well as managing the whole assignment process.

Start shopping at Cradoc fotoSoftware and save 10% using this link.

Superior camera support, optics equipment and professional cinema gear.

All of our tripods are from Really Right Stuff. We highly recommend at least getting L-brackets for your specific camera model so you can quickly switch from landscape to portrait modes without stumbling with your ball head trying to make the switch.

Start shopping at Really Right Stuff

Think Tank Photo - camera bags for the outdoor photographer

We use several of the Think Tank products and can attest to their quality and functionality.

Receive the best pricing, free shipping, Think Tank’s famous “No Rhetoric” warranty, the best customer service in the industry, and a free Think Tank product every time you order $50 or more. (You will automatically be asked which free gift you’d like to add to your order.)

Start shopping at Think Tank Photo

As New England’s premier imaging retailer, they try to make sure every customer feels comfortable with his or her purchase and is confident in its use. Whether you are a student, hobbyist, enthusiast or professional, Hunt’s staff will help you choose the right equipment for your needs.

We work specifically with Alan Samiljan at (781) 462-2383 for our orders. Just mention that Michael DeYoung referred you.

Start browsing at Hunt’s Photo & Video and then give Alan a call.

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