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In this richly illustrated 181 page PDF guide, veteran pro photographer Michael DeYoung shares his years of experience and insights on what it takes to master the craft of landscape and outdoor photography. Michael breaks down the three common traits found in successful landscape images, using an easy-to-remember acronym: LCD-Light, Camera & Design.

In each chapter you will learn tried and true principles techniques that will transform your photography and creative vision. Though this guide features all Alaskan images, the principles described and demonstrated in this book apply to landscape photography anywhere. For those wanting to photograph more in Alaska, Michael also offers unique tips on how photograph and capture the best of Alaskan landscapes – the one location that has captured his imagination the most.

“Michael DeYoung’s Guide to Mastering Landscape Photography should be required reading for photographers new to the art as well as for professionals who want to learn even more about their craft. The author’s extensive knowledge of weather patterns, light angles, design elements, and gear for the field make him a go-to source for learning how to create your best Alaskan landscape images.”

~Susan Sommer, editor of Alaska Magazine

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