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Image of mountain reflection scene along Turnagain Arm, Alaska


Active Photo Tours are for adventurous outdoor photographers who want to explore more and reach beautiful, off the beaten path locations, and who want to master their craft of landscape and travel photography going for maximum impact with minimal gear.


Grab your camera.

Leave the crowds behind.

Travel more to places less traveled.


Let the adventure begin!


YOU ARE A CAPABLE OUTDOOR PHOTOGRAPHER LOOKING FOR SOMETHING UNIQUE who wants to be more adventurous with their photography. Expand your horizons and learn the art of backcountry photography. Go with less gear and more vision!

YOU ARE AN INTREPID ADVENTURER who loves photography and wants to learn how to make page-stopping images WITHOUT making a five figure investment in photo gear? I believe we are a good fit.

OUR STYLE AND APPROACH: On an active photo tour you will not be shooting alongside a van load of photographers at popular destinations. We will explore and actively experience beautiful photogenic wilderness locations. Our destinations may not have cell service but you’ll have a better connection with your surroundings. Photographing from an adventure participants perspective will stimulate your creativity and help capture better landscape/travel imagery.

GO LIGHT AND MOBILE: Learn to lighten your load without sacrificing professional quality results. At Active Photo Tours we promote the art of going Light and Mobile – minimalism with respect to camera gear. Take only what you need and nothing more! Carry less, shoot more!

Let me elaborate a little more. This light and mobile approach does not mean sacrificing critically important equipment such as tripods, filters and small lighting tools. Advances in cameras, especially with mirrorless systems, are making pro caliber equipment even lighter and more capable than ever. Balance is the key. For example, on an Active Photo Tour adventure you might be going to a really cool place via helicopter which has weight restrictions or you will be shooting fabulous subject matter from a kayak.

We also fully embrace Leave No Trace ethics, photographing responsibly and leaving the lightest impact possible. Our goal is to learn how to travel as light as possible without sacrificing quality results. We strive to minimize equipment and maximize creative vision, teaching simple and effective photographic design, lighting knowledge, and “tried and true” technique for capturing the very best results.

Guided photo excursions in Taos, New Mexico, Anchorage, Alaska, and Zion National Park & Southern Utah

Private Photo Tours

Dates & Locations vary


Woman watches aurora display in Alaska

Alaska Denali Country Tundra Fall Colors and Northern Lights

Aug 30 - Sep 4, 2021


Photographer taking pictures in the Zion Narrows ©Michael DeYoung

Landscape Photography and Creativity Retreat
Zion National Park

Nov 15 - 19, 2021



Photography Tours

DeYoung Photo Workshops, LLC

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